The Documentary

Pasig River Seen is a personal self-funded endeavor by Erik Lacson. It started as a project for the Masterclass in Documentary Photography that he completed under the mentorship of veteran Filipino photojournalist Alex Baluyut. He continues to work on the documentary and hopes that through this effort there will be more concern for the river's condition and Filipinos will participate in bringing it back to life.

This website will provide updates and information about this ongoing project, as well as the Pasig River rehabilitation effort.

The Photographer

Erik Lacson worked as a travel photographer for Cebu Pacific Airlines and various local and regional publications. He is also a contributing photographer for, a stock photo agency based in the United Kingdom. He has completed two book projects: a photographic collection of 18th-century Catholic churches around the Philippines, and another on the history of Manila.

Pasig River

Declared biologically dead in 1990, the Pasig River has been an important trade route and economic lifeline since the early history of the Philippines. Massive amounts of waste produced by mass urbanization and rapid infrastructure development turned it into Manila‚Äôs sewer system after World War II.  According to the Philippine Information Agency, an average of 330 tons of industrial and domestic waste is expelled daily  into the Pasig River.